Program: This International Intensive Training (IIT) is a 9-day, Nonviolent Communication „immersion experience.“ It is a residential workshop led by a team of experienced CNVC certified trainers. The purpose of this IIT training is to offer people the opportunity to live the process of Nonviolent Communication in community over an extended period of time, in order to develop Nonviolent Communication knowledge, skills and consciousness. Seminar languages: English and German (most of the offers will be translated).

Programm: Ein International Intensive Training (IIT) ist eine 9tägige Vertiefung in die Gewaltfreie Kommunikation. Es wird von einem Team von erfahrenen, CNVC-zertifizierten TrainerInnen geleitet. Das Ziel dieses IITs ist, den Menschen die Gelegenheit zu bieten, den Prozess der Gewaltfreien Kommunikation in der Gemeinschaft mit anderen über einen längeren Zeitraum zu leben und ihre Kenntnisse, Fähigkeiten und das Bewusstsein der Gewaltfreien Kommunikation zu entwickeln. Die Seminarsprachen sind Englisch und Deutsch (die meisten Angebote werden übersetzt).

The Trainers

Klaus Karstädt is a freelance trainer since 1988 in adult education, and even before his encounter with Nonviolent Communication in 1996, he led train the trainer courses and seminars on communication and conflict management in organizations. Since 2000 he has worked together with Marshall Rosenberg as a certified trainer in more than 10 CNVC International Intensive Trainings and three years as a board member of CNVC. In addition to the spread of Nonviolent Communication in companies, schools, hospitals and other social institutions, his passion is in the area of training trainers and coaches. People like his clarity and his ability to combine structure and heart.
Marianne Göthlin lives in Sweden, has been practicing and integrating NVC for 20 years and was certified as CNVC trainer 1998.The last 10 years Marianne has shared NVC internationally, has worked together with many trainers and has served as a trainer on IITs together with Marshall Rosenberg. Since 1990 she has worked in education, with teachers, parents and young people using the process of Nonviolent Communication to foster compassionate relations in learning environments. In 1998 she co-founded a school based on NVC values and principles outside Stockholm. She has been a partner in a European Union project that brings Peace Education into kindergartens. In 2009 she participated in initiating “NVC in Education Europe” a program with the intention of supporting the development of Nonviolent Education in European school systems. Marianne is appreciated for embodying the subtle power of empathic presence where there is a space for everyone to be.
Roxy Manning, a Certified Trainer with the CNVC, has been co-leading BayNVC’s Leadership Program since 2008. A passionate champion of social justice, she brings NVC to her work as a licensed clinical psychologist serving the homeless population in San Francisco, NY, and has volunteered and supported groups around the world interested in causes from LGBTQ rights to equity and transformation of social structures related to race, ethnicity and social class. Roxy uses her own experiences as an Afro-Caribbean immigrant in the United States, a clinician who has worked intensively with couples and families, and a consultant to businesses and organizations to deliver trainings that are attuned to the needs of participants with diverse interests. She combines vulnerability and transparency with a delight in explaining the nuances of this work that results in deep appreciation and learning in those who experience her modeling and clarity.
Amina T. Mambuay is from the Philippines and a teacher by profession. She is an active peace advocate and gives trainings and workshops on peace (The culture of dialogue: path to peace). She came to know about NVC in 2007 when she was invited to attend an NVC training in Ruhpolding, Germany organized by Dr. Gitta Zimmermann. In September 2015, Amina and her family (husband and 3 daughters who are all knowledgeable on NVC and underwent NVC trainings) received a Family Values Award in recognition of their effort in promoting peace, Nonviolent Communication, and in helping children be sent to school and in their daily needs. At present, they are taking care of children with their daily needs: education, spiritual, physical, and emotional with NVC as the core value formation. – People who have attended Amina’s trainings appreciate her being humble and sincere with a touch of humor and fun.
Assessor onsite Frank Gaschler: In his role as assessor of the CNVC he accompanies people who are on their way to become CNVC trainers. He supports them with structure, feedback, empathy and honesty, by sharing his experiences and by preparing them for the time after the recommendation. In his role as a CNVC-certified Trainer, his passions are children and families. His needs are to affect something and contribute to their lives. His desire is that children can be children and parents are companions and also men and women stay with their own needs as men and women. His wish is that parents give their children roots and wings on their way. His contributions are trainings, counseling, mediation, coaching, books.

Tagungshaus Reimlingen
Schlossstraße 2
D-86756 Reimlingen
Telefon 0049/9081/22020
Fax 0049/9081/87427

The conference house is located in the north of Southern Germany on Reimlingen’s quiet outskirts (4 km of Nördlingen) with a lovely panorama view.

Das Tagungshaus ist im Norden von Süddeutschland ruhig gelegen am Ortsrand von Reimlingen, (4 km von Nördlingen) mit einem wunderschönen Panoramablick.

Travel: The nearest big international airport is Munich, about 1 hour 40 minutes car driving distance from the venue. More airports around the venue in car driving distances:

Augsburg (only a few airlines): 1 hour
Nuernberg: 1 hour 40 minutes
Stuttgart (international airport): 2 hours
Frankfurt (international airport): 2 hours 45 minutes
The next train station (Noerdlingen) is 4 km away – shuttle bus by the venue to pick up participants from the train station on notification.
Participants are asked to wait until their registration in the IIT has been confirmed before booking travel reservations.

Anreise: Der nächste große internationale Flughafen ist der Flughafen München-Freising, ungefähr 1 Stunde 40 Minuten mit dem Auto vom Tagungshaus entfernt.

Mehr Flughäfen siehe oben.

Augsburg (nur einige Fluglinien ): 1 Stunde
Nürnberg: 1 Stunde 40 Minuten
Stuttgart (internationaler Flughafen): 2 Stunden
Frankfurt (internationaler Flughafen): 2 Stunden 45 Minuten
Der nächste Bahnhof befindet sich 4 km von Reimlingen in Nördlingen. Das Tagungshaus holt Gäste auf Nachfrage von Nördlingen-Bahnhof ab.

Die TeilnehmerInnen werden gebeten, mit der Reisebuchung zu warten, bis ihnen eine Anmeldebestätigung vorliegt.

Fee: Total IIT Fees consists of a tuition fee (payable in US Dollars to CNVC or in Euro to DACH *) and accommodation fee (payable in Euro to the venue) – as outlined in the table below.

Gebühren: Die kompletten IIT-Kosten bestehen aus den Seminargebühren (an das CNVC in US Dollar oder an DACH e. V. in Euro zu zahlen *) und den Unterkunftskosten (in Euro an das Tagungshaus zu zahlen) – siehe untenstehende Tabelle.

Early Bird Discount: Receive a EUR 311,25 discount on full tuition (15% off tuition) on payments received in full by 18 February 2017 (6 months prior to start of IIT). Tuition Fee Payable to DACH under this option is EUR 1.763,75.

Receive a EUR 207,50 discount on full tuition (10% off tuition) on payments received in full by 18 May 2017 (3 months prior to start of IIT). Tuition Fee Payable to DACH under this option is EUR 1.867,50.

Frühbucherrabatt: EUR 311,25 (= 15 %) der Seminargebühren, wenn die Zahlung der Seminargebühren komplett bis 18.2.2017 (6 Monate vor Beginn des IITs) eingegangen ist. In diesem Fall sind die Seminargebühren, die an DACH zu zahlen sind: EUR 1.763,75.

EUR 207,50 (= 10 %) der Seminargebühren, wenn die Zahlung der Seminargebühren komplett bis 18.5.2017 (3 Monate vor Beginn des IITs) eingegangen ist. In diesem Fall sind die Seminargebühren, die an DACH zu zahlen sind: EUR 1.867,50.

Other discounts: If you are a registered certification candidate with CNVC or have attended a CNVC IIT before, we offer you a EUR 311,25 discount on tuition (15% discount off tuition) (not to be combined with other offers). = EUR 1763,75 reduced tuition.

Weitere Rabatte: Für ZertifizierungskandidatInnen oder TeilnehmerInnen früherer IITs gibt es EUR 311,25 (15 Prozent Rabatt) auf die Seminargebühren (nicht kombinierbar mit anderen Rabatten). = EUR 1763,75 reduzierte Seminargebühren

Note: The due date for Tuition Reduction Applications for this IIT is 18 May 2017 (90 days prior to the start of the IIT.)

Anmerkung: Die Antragsfrist für Anträge auf Seminargebührenermäßigung für dieses IIT endet am 18.5.2017 (90 Tage vor Beginn des IITs.).

There are Erasmus grants available to EU citizens click here to find out how to apply.

Für EU-Bürgerinnen und EU-Bürger gibt es von Erasmus Stipendien. >Hier geht es zum Antrag.

IIT Options and Fees (for 9-day training): / Unterbringung und Gebühren für 9 Tage Seminar:

Accommodation Type / Unterbringung im
Accommodation Fee Payable to Venue / An das Tagungshaus zu zahlende Unterkunftskosten pro Person

Tuition Fee Payable to CNVC / an das CNVC zu zahlende Seminargebühren

Single occupancy /Einzelzimmer

870,00 Euro/Person

EUR 2.075

Double occupancy / Doppelzimmer

710,00 Euro/Person

EUR 2.075

More bed occupancy / Mehrbettzimmer

630,00 Euro/Person

EUR 2.075

All rooms with private bath. Prices including meals. The venue offers vegetarian and non-vegetarian (meals with meat) options. Please indicate your choice in the IIT application form.

Alle Zimmer mit Dusche/WC. Preise verstehen sich einschließlich Verpflegung. Das Tagungshaus bietet vegetarisches und nicht-vegetarisches (mit Fleisch) Essen an. Bitte vermerken Sie Ihre Wahl auf dem Anmeldeformular.

How to register

Fill out the IIT Application Form online – and send it with tuition payment in to DACH in Euro. Bank Account DACH *.
Applications sent before July 18, 2017 need to include full or partial payment, with a minimum of EUR 100. The balance is due on July 18, 2017. For applications sent on or after July 17, 2017 please include full tuition fees.
Organizer usually acknowledges your application within 5 business days; please contact the IIT department/IIT Organizer if you did not receive an acknowledgement within this time.
Once you have been enrolled, the organizer will provide you with details about the accommodation according to your choices. Payment regarding the accommodation will be directly to the venue at the IIT.

Ausfüllen des Anmeldeformulars online – Die Anmeldung abschicken und gleichzeitig die Seminargebühren in Euro an DACH überweisen. Kontodaten *.
Bitte komplette oder Teilzahlung (Minimum 100 Euro) bei Anmeldungen, die vor dem 18.7.2017 eingehen. Stichtag ist der 18.7.2017. Bei Anmeldungen, die am 18.7.2017 oder danach eingehen, bitte die kompletten Seminargebühren überweisen.
Die Anmeldungen werden von der IIT-Organisation normalerweise innerhalb 5 Geschäftstagen bearbeitet. Wir bitten um Kontaktaufnahme mit der IIT-Abteilung/der IIT-Organisation, im Falle Sie keine Anmeldebestätigung innerhalb dieser Zeit bekommen haben.
Nach Erhalt der Anmeldebestätigung wird die Organisatorin Sie über die Details bezüglich Ihrer Unterkunft informieren. Die Bezahlung der Unterkunft erfolgt während des Aufenthalts beim IIT direkt an das Seminarhotel.
For questions please contact the IIT Department at +1 505-244-4041 or email at or contact the organizer of the German IIT in Germany Gudrun Haas or mobile ++49/160/3661403 or home office ++49/89/88952871.

Fragen bitte an die IIT-Abteilung unter Telefon +1 505-244-4041 oder email oder die Organisatorin des IITs in Deutschland vor Ort Gudrun Haas oder Mobil ++49/160/3661403 oder Festnetz ++49/89/88952871.

*) Bank Account DACH – seminar fees in Euro / Das Bankkonto von DACH für die Seminargebühren in Euro:

for wires from abroad / für Überweisungen aus dem Ausland
for wires from inner Germany / für Überweisung innerhalb Deutschlands
Name: D-A-CH für GFK e. V.
Name of Bank: GLS-Bank
IBAN: DE56430609677005957700
Keyword „IIT 2017 Reimlingen“
Name / Kontoinhaber: D-A-CH für GFK e. V.
IBAN: DE56430609677005957700
Stichwort „IIT 2017 Reimlingen“

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