EIC 2020



EIC 2020


Louise Romain (F/GB)

Irmtraud Kauschat (D)

Godfrey Spencer (GB)

Frank Gaschler (D)

Magda Sendor (PL)

July 31 – August 09, 2020

Peace Factory




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Irmtraud is a trainer, medical doctor and private consultant. Irmtraud has led NVC training in many cities and countries, including more recently Kenya and Iceland. She integrates NVC in her daily work with patients and offers long-term courses in NVC-based mediation and coaching as well as in social change. also has expertise in healing early childhood and preverbal/precognitive trauma which often triggers reactions, which then prevent us from staying grounded in the living energy of connection and compassion. She was a board member of CNVC, a founding member and chairperson of her local circle in Darmstadt as well as of the German-speaking network, D-A-CH, and served as a member of GCC (NVC Global Community Circle) and coordinator of the EAC (English-Speaking NVC European African Circle). You can reach Irmtraud at irmtraudkauschat@yahoo.de.


Louise is a personal, professional, and organisational development trainer and consultant. She established her freelance business in her early 20’s, working as a human resources consultant within client business organisations until becoming a mother to her two, now adult, children. Since discovering NVC in 2005, she has served as an assistant at many IITs with Marshall Rosenberg with whom she did all her training. She is a co-founding member of NVC Education Europe, and is an active member of other circles in the NVC network, including Education in France and Africa, most recently in Congo and Rwanda. She offers courses and private sessions to individuals seeking to learn and live the needs consciousness NVC supports. Louise combines her understanding of business dynamics and marketing with healing and transformation work to support individuals wanting to make their dreams a reality. Louise originally trained as a physiotherapist and is an art founder. her website at Peace Factory www.peacefactory.fr


Course contribution per person € /
In addition to our price scale, we are able to offer hours of work at €15/hour (see section 4).
Standard contribution / €1500
Reduced-resources contribution / €1000
Contribution higher than the standard /€ 2000 or more
€2700 for two people sharing the same address booked at the same time with one receipt
€200 discount if you bring a person with you who is attending the EIC for the 1st time /
State funded or EU funding / DIF, OPCA, …
CNVC certified trainer / €400 

The price includes the intensive course and dinner on the first night and lunch during the retreat. A „working” price is possible by contributing two hours per day . The price does NOT include travel expenses, breakfast, dinner on other nights as the first or accommodation (which will vary in price depending on the desired comfort and settled directly with the accommodation provider.

Accommodation is NOT included in the tuition fees. In the village numerous accommodation with many facilities in various price categories are available:
You can inquire and book at the Tourist Office in Montolieu: +33 4 68 24 80 80

English is used as our shared common language.

We offer english/french translation

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