My passion is children and families. My need is to work and contribute to their lives. My longing is that children are allowed to be children and parents are companions on their way and also remain men and women with their own needs. My wish is that parents give children roots and wings on their way. My contribution to this are trainings, consultations, mediations, coaching, books. My titles: Certified Trainer for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC), Assessor for Trainer Certification (CNVC), Systemic Mediator in Companies and Organizations, Coach, Certified Social Pedagogue (Fh). ... I am also a human being

Stations of life

- Assessor for Trainer Certification (CNVC)

- Cert. Trainer for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC)

- Systemic mediator in companies and organizations

- Coach

- Socio-educational consultant at the small private teaching institute Derksen

- Book author and founder of The Giraffes Dream® project

- Lecturer at the Ludwig Maximilian University, LS for Pedagogy for Intellectual Disability and Pedagogy for Behavioral Disorders

- Senior consultant and project manager for eLearning learning platforms and knowledge management

- Consultant for eLearning and Change Management

- Social pedagogue at the job-related youth welfare service