body & play with Gerhard Egger

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Body & Play with Gerhard Egger



In France, between Lyon and Geneva, at the Espace Rivoire

Prerequisites for participation

Experience with NVC required (at least 5 days of training)

Joy of playing and ability to be enthusiastic. No health restriction

Group up to 25 participants Training in English translated into French


Marshall Rosenberg also calls non-violent communication the “language of life”, a language that wants to express everything in us that wants to be seen, experienced, felt, heard and understood. Words are often too narrow for this. We look for them in our heads and on lists of feelings and needs, instead of where they take place. In us and between us.

In this workshop we want to search for everything that lives within us and give it expression. We get to know our body, our body signals, our non- verbal language. We learn to "read" ourselves and our counterpart and to make ourselves “readable”.

We are experiencing liveliness, emotions, power and softness, empathy and self-expression in movement, dance, play, theatre and role-playing.


  • Get to know our own body - from the physical body (with circulation, breathing, body parts, etc.) to body awareness (sensations and feelings, signals, limits and longings).
  • Learn to feel, recognize and understand the signals of our body, set limits, recognize well being and feeling unwell. Recognize our body as it is and not as it should be and give it a language
  • Recognize our own reaction patterns which show themselves in/through our behaviour and find these patterns again in others in order to be able to feel them empathically.
  • Dive into the world of other people and roles. Give them expression in role plays, improvisations and theatre.
  • Get to know theatre forms in order to be able to react with empathy and honesty in challenging life situations. In this way we actively contribute to social change


Frank Gaschler

... has been sharing NVC since 2005. He has been an assessor for the Center for NonViolent Communication since 2015. He is also a coach and mediator.

He works mainly with parents, teachers and educators. Together with his wife Gundi, he developed the “Girraffentraum program” with the aim of introducing and disseminating NVC in nursery and primary schools, where he first worked as an educator. This program is now operating in various countries around the world. Frank has also participated in NVC family camps several times in Germany, Austria and the USA.

His passion is to experiment with NVC outside the beaten paths, far from the limitations of words and languages.

He likes to focus on intuition, empathic presence, body language and theatre techniques. The game is also one of his favorite transmission tools.

Frank lives with his family near Munich, Germany.



Gerhard Egger

... began a career as a dancer in 1994. A few years later he became a dancer and coach in one of the most famous TV shows on Austrian television: Dancing Stars. At the same time, he completed his studies in education sciences, where he met NVC for the first time. Gerhard then began to combine his previous concepts and research areas with NVC, thus creating a bridge between NVC and body.

Gerhard has been active in the education of children, youth and adults for more than 15 years. He accompanies individuals, families, teams and organizations. He lives in Austria.




Located between Lyon and Geneva, in the heart of the Rhône-Alpes region, the Espace Rivoire enjoys a natural environment conducive to learning and rejuvenation, while being easily accessible by public transport. The Nurieux and Brion-Montréal TGV stations are located less than 20 minutes from the site, from where shuttles are organized.


The Espace Rivoire offers a variety of accommodation options: single to quadruple room, with private or shared bathroom; tipi, yurt or Rivoire tent with collective sanitary facilities; personal tent or camper van. This diversity allows everyone to choose according to their budget and the degree of friendliness or intimacy they want.

For meals, different options adapted to everyone's appetite and/or budget are available. The cuisine is vegetarian, gluten-free and lactose-free, prepared with organically grown food. People with food allergies can, on request, benefit from adapted meals. Please note that it is not possible to prepare meals independently. The formulas without full board are therefore suitable for people who do not wish to eat 3 meals a day.


For those who wish to reduce the price of the accommodation and meals package, the Espace Rivoire team offers the possibility of contributing a few hours a day to collective tasks (cooking, cleaning, small works...) in exchange for a reduction of €10 per hour worked.


If you are experiencing financial difficulties and wish to benefit from a reduced rate, we invite you to make it very clear to us about your situation in the place indicated in the registration form and to offer us the price which is right for you in relation to your financial possibilities.

If you have the financial flexibility and the momentum to support NVC Beyond Borders' vision, especially to support accessibility of NVC to the greatest number, you are welcome to give an amount higher than the full rate. Even 10 € more is already a precious little drop of water. The contributor rate is also the suggested rate for professionals (e.g. trainer, coach, therapist).

For a 5-day training, with Frank Gaschler and Gerhard Egger (food and accommodation not included!)

  • FULL rate: 650 €
  • REDUCED rate: between 350 € - 600 €
  • CONTRIBUTOR rate (suggested for professionals): > 650 €


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Solène Garreau:

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