"It is never the facts that worry and annoy us, it is always our own evaluations.

-Marshall Rosenberg


About the technic

The webinar takes place on Zoom. You can participate if you have a laptop/PC/Mac with (integrated) microphone and camera or external webcam or a tablet (the monitor on the smartphone is too small). You will need Wlan and a quiet, undisturbed room. If you agree, you will get a zoom-link from me to test the connection in advance and working materials that you can print out in advance.

To make sure that we have a safe and closed container on this way I ask you to read and consider the following

Please contact me in time with your billing address.  You will receive a confirmation mail with the invoice
Then you get the zoom link and the worksheets for the webinar
please install and test Zoom (incl. video and audio) in advance on your computer:
PC/Mac: https://zoom.us/download
Dial in at least 10 minutes before the start so that we can start on time
ensures that confidentiality is maintained, i.e. that no one can listen in or watch (preferably use headphones/headset)
ensures that you can speak freely and are not distracted or disturbed during the full webinar time. Recommendations:
separate room
close other programs or turn off cell phones (so that no e-mail or whatsapp messages etc. can disturb you during this time)
possibly provide a glass of water or tea
favorable lighting for video transmission, so your face is clearly visible
if you have questions or technical problems, please contact me in advance or call me at 0179-699 86 98
For data security:

I am aware that any internet connection is a security risk and that Zoom does not provide the most secure connection. Nevertheless, I use this technique, as it is now very common. I assume no liability for any security gaps. Please ask yourself about possible security gaps and decide if you want to participate in the webinars.

Here is the link to the privacy policy of Zoom.us: Zoom

I am really looking forward to it and I am excited!