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AUGUST 21-30, 2020


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My name is Farrah Baut-Carlier. I am Belgian of Indian origin and I work and live in Luxembourg, with my husband and our three children.  I am a professional translator (fluent in French and English, haven’t practiced German for a long time ☺, and understand some Spanish and Dutch). Coming from two very different backgrounds, I am passionate about diversity and cultures and see NVC as the common denominator for peace between all human beings.  I took my first NVC workshop in 1999, and met Marshall Rosenberg in Switzerland in 2003. I then served as his interpreter on several IITs when Marshall came to Switzerland and Belgium until 2008. I have also translated numerous NVC books into French. I became a CNVC certified trainer in 2009 and joined the Francophone assessors team, A-Certif (www.cnv-certification.com ) in 2011. I am dedicated to making NVC trainings accessible to distant communities around the world, including – or especially – in areas where there are no local trainers (Africa, the French Pacific, West Indies, …). After having worked for 20 years in a European banking institution, I resigned in 2016 to devote most of my time exploring and sharing NVC. I have offered workshops in various settings (organizations, institutions, mixed audiences). In my workshops, I love to explore and practice NVC in such fields as beliefs, the law of attraction, addictions, relationship to food, money, and the use of power. I was also trained in IFS (internal family systems) with Dick Schwartz, who has deeply influenced my approach to self-empathy, healing, and mediation. Here’s my website: www.giraffarrah.eu


The conference house is located in the beautiful countryside of Bavaria.

Tagungshaus Reimlingen
Schloßstraße 2
86756 Reimlingen
Telefon: 09081/29071-0

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