Giraffenträumer 23 – online english


Date(s) - 13/11/2023 - 18/11/2023
9:30 - 17:30


Dear friends of NVC,

I hope this finds you well.

I finished my assessor job at the beginning of the year – or maybe just parked it, that remains to be seen. In any case, I have been thinking about what I would like to do instead and have realized how much I love to work internationally. No sooner had this thought matured in me than I registered for the IIT in Germany in September and was invited as a trainer to the IIT in India and Romania. Maybe we will see each other there!

The reason why I am writing to you is to continue to follow this flow. i now also want to take our project „the giraffe’s dream“ into the world.

In 2005, Gundi and I developed a project to bring NVC to kindergartens and preschools. originally, we started very small – in our younger daughter’s kindergarten. Soon other kindergartens became interested and the original project documentation grew into a book for which Marshall Rosenberg gave us a foreword. This book „I want to understand what you really need“ has meanwhile been sold almost 40,000 times in the German-speaking countries and after the expansion in 2020 another 10,000 times. The book has already been translated into Korean, English, Polish, Dutch, partly into Spanish and French. Translations into Bulgarian, Romanian, Japanese and Chinese are currently in progress.

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In 2009, we trained the first „giraffe’s dreamer“, as we were no longer able to meet the requests from kindergartens and preschools in the German-speaking region ourselves and wanted to provide long-term support for the institutions. In the 32 multiplier trainings so far (since 2020 also online) we could show about 400 people how to pass on NVC with children and the project „The giraffe’s dream“. Most of the multipliers are (by now) certified NVC trainers, educators, teachers, working with children and parents, therapists, coaches, mediators. Mainly due to this support, the project has probably developed into the largest social change project based on NVC in the kindergarten/pre-school sector worldwide. There are adaptations also in elementary school, crèches, work with mentally handicapped people, at Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio and forest kindergartens, etc.

I would now like to take this concept further into the world and train multipliers who also want to adapt the project to the respective situation and the educational institutions and educational concepts with the standards of the countries.

One adjustment that I would like to make for this and thus try to meet the different financial situation of the target countries is the pricing of the seminar fee. This is based on the average income of the countries as an equivalent to €980 in Germany.

Country Ø monthly income equals 980 €
Germany 3640,00 € 980,00 €
Belgium 3558,00 € 957,92 €
Bulgaria 789,00 € 207,64 €
Czech Republic 1721,00 € 463,35 €
Denmark 4812,00 € 1295,54 €
Finland 3770,00 € 1015,00 €
France 3112,00 € 837,85 €
Greece 1409,00 € 379,35 €
Hungaria 1250,00 € 336,54 €
Iceland 4471,00 € 1203,73 €
India 151,00 € 40,65 €
Italy 2536,00 € 682,77 €
Luxemburg 6214,00 € 1673,00 €
Montenegro 658,00 € 177,15 €
Netherlands 3889,00 € 1047,04 €
Poland 1187,00 € 319,58 €
Portugal 1683,00 € 453,12 €
Rep. of Irland 5363,00 € 1443,88 €
Romania 998,00 € 268,69 €
Russia 818,00 € 220,23 €
Serbia 596,00 € 160,46 €
Slovenia 1993,00 € 536,58 €
Spain 2092,00 € 563,23 €
Sweden 4195,00 € 1129,42 €
Ukraine 290,00 € 78,08 €
United Kingdom 3134,00 € 843,77 €

calculated with /

If your country is not on the list or you cannot afford the fee, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Multiplier’s course: „The Giraffe’s dream“ – online

You will learn

  • deepened NVC skills in your role as a course leader, as an educator, mother, father, in dealing with children
  • a wealth of methods to give seminars yourself and to convey content
  • In-depth knowledge and background of the giraffe’s dream project
  • and you will learn a lot about yourself!

Target group

Trainers, educators, teachers, people working with children and parents, therapists, coaches, mediators, parents.
The training is aimed at people who already have in-depth knowledge of NVC (at least 5 days of training) and who have a connection to children, either as parents or in the educational field.

Webinar times

Nov. 16. till 18.
Dec. 14. till 16. 2023

9:30 to 12:30 and 14:00 to 17:30 (CET) each day.


In this practice-oriented webinar, participants learn to deepen Nonviolent Communication, experience its effects and practise dealing with conflicts in a way that strengthens the relationship. In addition to theoretical input, you will receive practical exercises that you can use as tools in seminars and parenting courses. In addition, you will learn ways to deepen Nonviolent Communication with your loved ones at home.

We will use ZOOM !


Frank and Gundi Gaschler: I want to understand what you really need. Nonviolent Communication with Children – The Giraffe’s dream Project.


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I am looking forward working with you !!!



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